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Want to FEEL, LOOK and DRESS your best?

There's so much to keep track of and stay consistent with, right? Eating healthily, exercising consistently, and let's not forget expending effort and money to build and style a standout wardrobe. 

You probably struggle with:

I am your guide to all things that make YOU feel good, whether that's reaching your body goals or building your own unique style. I'll support you in personalizing a plan that you can follow for your nutrition, training or styling efforts.

What are your GOALS?

Follow a balanced and healthy diet that helps you reach your best shape.

Achieve a strong and fit physique by following a workout program tailored to YOU.

Treat your body well and improve your body image.

Understand what style fits your body type and image goals.

With me, it’s all possible


A direct, 1-on-1 approach that helps you stay motivated, committed, and consistent.

Long-lasting Results 

It's about making changes and achieving results you can KEEP long term.

Tailored Plans

Support that is personalized to suit YOU. 

Holistic Approach

It's about feeling good inside and out. Health, fitness, and coaching are all coming together.

The 3-step process towards a more confident YOU.


Identify your needs

Look through my services and ask yourself, "what change do I need in my life right now?"


Reach out

Tap the button below to contact me with your requirements and the area you'd like professional guidance and support in.


Start your journey

Benefit from my customized service with detailed instructions and plans.

How I can help you?

My primary concern is my clients.

The core of my job is to build a 1-to-1 relationship with you, understand your needs, and provide you with the best solutions.


A scope that covers individuals, companies, and organizations.

My nutrition services range from 1-on-1 consultations and meal plan support to food safety and menu creation services and so much more.


Personal training sessions and workout programs that get you EXCITED about your fitness.

Yes, workouts can be fun and motivating. Most importantly, with the right guidance and consistency, you'll finally see results!


Your style can shape not only your appearance but also your confidence, influence, and identity.

Learn how I can help you with everything from shopping to consulting on your wardrobe, advising your style when you have an important event, and much more.

Hi, I'm Btoul Allou

Ever since I was young, a healthy lifestyle has been my passion, and I have always made sure to take care of my food intake and physical health. This led me to study and learn the core principles of nutrition and how it affects our bodies, mood, and health! Throughout this journey, I noticed how other elements, like fitness and style, along with good nutrition, can provide us with a wholesome, upgraded lifestyle. This pushed me towards combining these three fields into one, which I’d like to call "well-being."

In this scope, I earned my BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Modern University of Business and Science (MUBS) in 2021, became a certified personal trainer at the Lebanese American University (LAU) afterward, and also attained the certificate of an accredited Style Coach™ with the Style Coaching Institute®.

I believe that we all deserve to feel good every day about what we eat, how we look, and how we feel. And that's what I'll help you attain!

Are you ready?

This is how we get closer! 


My work has been featured in several media outlets, like Addiyar Newspaper in Lebanon and Magazine in Saudi Arabia! Check it out:



Building trust with high-end brands!

Working together with reputable, well-established businesses has immensely affected my career direction!



How effective is online coaching?

Because you can complete everything from home at your own convenience, it's totally efficient! Your own schedule is in your hands, and you can still receive coaching with 100% efficacy while on vacation or out of town. Not to mention the most crucial components of all the coaching insights and recommendations you will receive weekly or even daily, depending on the program level you advance to nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

What does a "healthy diet" entail?

A healthy eating pattern includes a variety of foods from all of the fundamental food groups, enough of each important component from nutrient-dense foods, and a focus on maintaining a healthy weight by balancing calories taken and expended.

How can my mental health be impacted by my body image?

There is a good chance that you will find daily activities like eating, getting dressed, and going out with friends becoming more challenging at some point or often during your life. This shifts happen to everybody,  and they can occasionally make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

It might result in feelings of:

How can I contact you?

Reach out via email at "" for further assistance! I can assess all of your concerns and try to find common ground to alleviate your anxiety!

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